What to expect...

Dr. Frazier provides psychological evaluations and individual and family therapy focused on identifying the needs of the client. Her approach is primarily eclectic, providing therapeutic techniques based upon the presenting problem, clients’ strengths, and evidenced-based practices. During the initial session, Dr. Frazier will obtain a thorough history related to the family, the individual’s development, and academic and social functioning. Additionally, treatment options will be discussed and a treatment plan will be developed collaboratively with the child and their parents.


Dr. Frazier is in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield (usually not HMO but please check).


Out-of-network options

This may be greatly affected by looking at your in-network vs out-of-network benefits. For example, there may be a $25 co-pay for in-network and $50 for out-of-network. Or there may be a $3000 deductible in-network (covering 80% after deductible is met) and $6000 deductible out-of-network (covering 60% after deductible is met). For the last example, you may not meet a deductible meeting twice per month whether in or out of network. This will be something to look at and consider.



*Please understand that mental health insurance can be a different experience than health insurance for most people. I take insurance and will file out-of-network as a courtesy. I am not responsible for determining your benefits. The benefits you have are between you and your insurance company. I will have a credit card on file and you will be responsible for any fees your insurance does not pay. I will also charge for extended time that I help you obtain insurance payment for services.


Diagnostic & Evaluation Session (1st visit)               $ 225

Regular Office Visits (45 minutes) (Individual)         $ 165

Family Sessions (60 minutes)                                  $ 200

Psychological/Educational Testing (per hour)            $ 200

Group sessions                                                       $  80-100


Tel:  (972) 815-1034    

Fax: (972) 304-0400



413 W Bethel Road, Suite 100              Coppell, Texas 75019