Helping children and families work toward

living happy, meaningful lives

There are many challenges facing families today. I work with families on building skills to increase positive interactions and quality of life.


Some children are more challenging than others. After all, there is no specific rule book for each child and sometimes parents and children develop unhealthy interactions because they do not understand each other or their personalities clash.


Therapy is a valuable resource to build ways of understanding, different responses, new interactions, and reaching your specific family goals.

“Family is the most important thing in the world.”                   – Princess Diana



I am currently offering in-person and virtual sessions.

I am authorized to practice in 27 states under PsyPact.


Tel:  (972) 860-1690  

Fax: (972) 646-9182


             Office locations:                  Virtual                      2201 Spinks Road    Flower Mound (Lakeside), TX